Courageous in her expression and her use of colour, Canan has mounted several solo exhibitions in Italy, including the Vatican – Rome. She is also the first Turkish painter to exhibit solo in Sutri and Capranika.The artist, who tends to reflect on the intellectual development of her works, transforms women and Istanbul into a form […]

Gabrielle REEVES

Of American origin, this artist graduated from the University of Wyoming “Fine arts in painting”. Her work explores the reciprocal interactions between her and her changing environments. Gabrielle is interested in a sense of self, personal identity, how we affect the world around us and how we too are transformed by our surroundings. Her love […]

Emine Şenses

Born in Adana, Emine Şenses graduated from the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Science at Ege University in 1993 and the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Mersin University in 2007. She continued her master studies in both disciplines until obtaining her thesis. Participating in numerous group exhibitions and events between […]

Abd Allatif AL JEEMO

Born in 1983 in Syria, Abd Allatif ALJEEMO is an abstract painter: creating his own daring colours, their various combinations give a totally distinctive and unique element to his paintings. As an artist he transforms the elements and contrasts of the city by coloring their forms and symbolic spaces, while alternating between the warmth and […]

Cemal Toy

Born in Turkey, Cemal Toy graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan University.  Influenced by the classical Turkish miniatures of the Ottoman period and the emotions and personal experiences woven into traditional Turkish carpet designs, he incorporates these elements into his own art with a contemporary twist. He enjoys using a variety of mediums […]


A graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Damascus, this Syrian artist was influenced by impressionism. After the outbreak of the Syrian crisis and while residing in Beirut, Imad began to explore the concept of explosion in his work.In 2014, he launched the concept of ‘civilian specters’ which explores the deep relationship between identity, […]


Born in Istanbul, Murat graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in 1999. Known for his versatility of technique and use of materials (plastics, felts, fine wool fibers), each brings great depth to his works. Murat emphasizes the growing alienation of human beings, referring to concepts of  visual dimension such as fusion and disappearance, […]

Kenan IŞIK 

A graduate of Fine Arts from Erzurum Atatürk University, this artist participates in many socio-cultural projects through his teaching of graphic and visual arts. Kenan’s work revolves around the hectic life of Istanbul and its millennial history. His works are inextricably linked to his personal history: he tells of his travels, his anger and his […]

Yasemin KUZUCU

Passionate about photography since childhood, Yasemin decided to devote herself to this form of art while practicing as a nurse. Since graduating from the photography department of Aydin Istanbul University she has received numerous awards, notably in 2016 for her photography shoot “Shots from life as a woman’s eye”. She brilliantly handles the optical effects […]