Born in Adana, Emine Şenses graduated from the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Science at Ege University in 1993 and the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Mersin University in 2007. She continued her master studies in both disciplines until obtaining her thesis. Participating in numerous group exhibitions and events between 2007 and 2019, two of which were personal, she has received many awards for her work. The artist, having settled in Istanbul in 2009, has been working from her studio in Beyoğlu since 2010. Using the collage technique, she obtains an overall aesthetic view of the city from the piece to the whole, integrating visuals of Istanbul which have influenced her with images of daily social life and the historical texture of the city. Both challenging and intriguing, from a distance the paintings have a holistic and aesthetic harmony but on closer observation the viewer is confronted with the difficulties of living in the city and the current issues faced in society today.