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Le Printemps des Artistes PDA 2021

For those who are not familiar … what is the PDA ?

First established in 2006, “Le Printemps des Artistes” is a week-long art exhibition organised by Istanbul Accueil and hosted by our partner Sainte Pulchérie Lisesi in their Od’A – Ouvroir d’Art art gallery in Taksim.

The exhibition takes place in springtime and the aim is twofold: to showcase local artists (Turkish and international) while raising funds for carefully selected charities. Now in it’s 14th year, the PDA has become a famous cultural rendezvous for both the local Turkish, French speaking, and international communities as well as the local Arts community.

PDA 2021 Theme: Istanbul, city of contrasts

Multi faceted, cosmopolitan, lively, colourful and noisy, this city, with both its classical and modern architecture, requires the use of all our senses. An exhibition curated around such a theme seemed for us an obvious choice. 

Welcome to the 14th Printemps des Artistes” art exhibition!

GO, go, go
A charitable art exhibition

All works of art exhibited are for sale and 30% of the proceeds are generously donated to following three charities: Hayata Sarıl Dernegi , Mor Çatı Kadın Sığınağı Vakfı and Lape Hospital.

Hayata Sarıl Dernegi

Founded in 2017, the aim is to reintegrate homeless individuals, ignored and marginalized in society, back into communal life. Based on a sustainable social entrepreneurship business model, the HAYATA SARIL lokantasi is the first of its kind in Turkey.

Functioning entirely on a volunteer basis , it provides job opportunities for the homeless acting as a regular restaurant by day and serving free food to the homeless by night.

Their next project is to open a laundromat and shower facilities for the homeless based on the same business model by December 2021. This is based on the principle that personal hygiene is key to regaining self-confidence and to leading to a healthier life

Mor Çatı

Mor Çatı Kadın Sığınağı Vakfı was originally created in 1990 to provide shelter for women and children subjected to situations of domestic violence. Today this association provides two services in Istanbul : a solidarity centre providing both legal and psychological services to those in need and a small housing shelter.

Their ultimate mission is to help women become independent and fight against domestic violence by building their self-esteem and changing their perception in society.

L’Hôpital de LAPE (Fransız Lape Hastanesi)

Lape Hospital has been operating in Istanbul since 1857. Donated to the Sisters of Saint Vincent in 1902 by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, its main purpose is to treat patients with psychiatric disorders. It is still run by the Sisters of Charity who also founded Sainte Pulchérie Lisesi in 1864. As a key beneficiary of the project over the years, the historical link with LAPE has been instrumental in the development of our long-standing partnership with Sainte Pulcherie and the Od’A-Ouvroir d’Art Gallery.

Our selection of artists in 2021

This year, 9 artists of various nationalities (Turkish, Syrian, and American)  have been selected, each sharing their own unique vision of “Istanbul, a city of contrasts”. Among them are 7 painters, 1 photographer, 1 collage artist.

Abd Allatif AL JEEMO

Born in 1983 in Syria, Abd Allatif ALJEEMO is an abstract painter: creating his own daring colours, their various combinations give a totally distinctive and

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Courageous in her expression and her use of colour, Canan has mounted several solo exhibitions in Italy, including the Vatican – Rome. She is also

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Cemal Toy

Born in Turkey, Cemal Toy graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan University.  Influenced by the classical Turkish miniatures of the Ottoman period

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Emine Şenses

Born in Adana, Emine Şenses graduated from the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Science at Ege University in 1993 and the Painting Department of

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Gabrielle REEVES

Of American origin, this artist graduated from the University of Wyoming “Fine arts in painting”. Her work explores the reciprocal interactions between her and her

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A graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Damascus, this Syrian artist was influenced by impressionism. After the outbreak of the Syrian crisis and

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Kenan IŞIK 

A graduate of Fine Arts from Erzurum Atatürk University, this artist participates in many socio-cultural projects through his teaching of graphic and visual arts. Kenan’s

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Born in Istanbul, Murat graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in 1999. Known for his versatility of technique and use of materials (plastics,

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Yasemin KUZUCU

Passionate about photography since childhood, Yasemin decided to devote herself to this form of art while practicing as a nurse. Since graduating from the photography

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Virtual Exhibition Online : Friday 2nd April to 30th April

Live Exhibition:  (in person, Covid sanitary conditions permitting ) :

Opening Night: Friday, 2nd April from 18:30

Dates: Saturday 3rd to Sunday 11th April (inclusive).

Opening hours: Weekdays: Monday-Friday, 12:30-20:30 

Weekends: Sat-Sun 3rd/4th & 10th/11th April: 12.30pm to 5pm




Galerie Od’A-Ouvroir d’Art
Lycée Sainte Pulchérie
Çukurluçesme Sok. 7
Beyoglu – Istanbul

Our Team

The 2021 project “Dream Team”: 

The PDA 2021 team is a small group of 5 volunteers (Eve, Florence, Karen, Karima and Tiphaine), all members of Istanbul Accueil.

Some of us have been living in Istanbul for years and others for less, but all dedicated to the success of this socio-cultural and charitable project.

Right now all our energies are focused on making this 14th edition a timeless event, unifying many talents…

If you wish to organise next year’s PDA exhibition, please contact us at the following address:

Our Sponsors


A project like the PDA could not take place without the generosity of our sponsors.

Their support makes it possible to finance the various expenses linked to the organisation of such an event.

Their support helps us cover the cost of the gallery, security, communication, cocktail evening, music group and children’s workshops.

In short, without them, …..the PDA would not exist!

So, once again a big thank you to:

Our sponsors

Our partners

And with the technical support of Institut français de Turquie -Istanbul